How do I choose a wedding photographer?

Choosing your wedding photographer is one of the most important decisions you will make when planning your wedding day.

So what should you look for when choosing a photographer?

Lots of people set a budget and then try and find a photographer based on that. Sadly the price is no guarantee of the quality of images.

You will be spending most of your special day with your photographer, it is essential that you feel comfortable with them.

wedding photographer with the bride and groom

My first piece of advice is to meet with them before you book them.

I offer free consultations as will most photographers. Feel free to message me if you would like to discuss a booking.

When you meet with them don’t be afraid to ask questions.

“Can I see more of your work?” “Could I speak to some of your previous clients?” Any photographer confident in their work and ability will say yes.

I carry with me sample albums and laptop so you can see my work and get a feel for the type of images you will receive.

One of the most important questions you can ask is;

“Do you carry backup equipment?”

Photographer camera bag

Sadly cameras break so it is important that your photographer carries backup equipment with them.

Do you want to spend the day worrying they only have one camera and what happens if it breaks?

Photographing a wedding is about capturing those special moments as they happen. That is why I and most photographers will carry backup equipment.

The small print

There are more exciting things than the small print however it is important for everyone that you have a contract in place with the photographer.

Any contract should set out clear expectations, covering such things as terms of payment, deposits when the final balance is due.

It should also set out when you can expect your images to be delivered by and how they will be delivered.

I offer all of my clients a contract, this way you know what to expect from me and that you have protected your investment.

Finally, insurance, is your photographer insured? Don’t be afraid to ask this question, I always carry all the relevant documents with me.

Capturing those moments

I also see lots of brides-to-be who ask about what pictures they want.

An experienced photographer will work with you and advise you about how they will deliver the images that you want.

That is what we do, you are not just paying for someone to take pictures, you are investing in a wealth of knowledge and experience.

it is also worth asking them if they have photographed a wedding at your venue before.

I will always visit a venue in advance and at the same time of day as your wedding to get a feel for the venue and how the natural light works.

Therefore, it is important to feel comfortable with your photographer, you are entrusting them to produce a record of your day as you want it.

I work with the Groomsmen and the Bridesmaids in advance and on the day to make sure we take the stress out of delivering the images you want from your big day.

You can download a copy of this guide here.